I made that motherfucking delicious squash again

Every piece of this bullshit is from the garden. Kale, tomatoes, fucking basil, oregano, garlic flowers, and also some feta from the store because I'm not allowed to own a goat....yet. And also a pot roast (organic, happy local cow, as cruelty-free as eating meat can be)

And afternoon snack was 2 pints and some fries At the Kings HeAd. So far so good.

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Afternoon meals: from-scratch African peanut soup (zucchini, tomato, carrots, garlic from the garden), and a tuna sandwich. And then came Afternoon Snack. The bane of my existence. We got 3:30 snack when I lived at home with mom. It's been 15 years since I moved out, and I still crave junk food at this time of day. So down the hatch goes a small bowl of party mix, a rye & coke, a small bowl of popcorn rice crisps, a rye & coke....I was doing so good. And then I wasn't.

Theory: maybe I should be occupying myself at this time of the day. Leave the house, make 3:30 "walk the dog" time, anything.

Anyway. Tonight is date night. Yoga class together, some sort of takeout and/or beer, and movie/cuddles. Hoping I keep my shit together.