Colorless green ideas sleep furiously. (collide_a_scope) wrote,
Colorless green ideas sleep furiously.

Finally got it all sorted (sort of)

Occurred to me this morning that I only update this thing when things are going poorly, or when I'm bored.

Not feeling a need to change that, but did want to record a milestone in case I need a reference point for it along the way. Last night was the hubby and I's *last* marriage counselling session. Our therapist even referred to it as "graduation". It felt really good to just sit in a room with her and talk about the progress we've made in the last 16 months. I feel the need to add a sarcastic comment because genuinely expressing pride in something I've accomplished is a difficult thing. Attempting to refrain.


There, I did it.

In addition to that, I decided to look into getting treatment for what I am pretty sure is a hormonal imbalance. At the very least, I have every symptom of PMDD, and I'm going to request that my doctor put me on a low-dose birth control pill. Worst case scenario I end up with slightly more regular periods, and I'm still crazy. Who knows? I'm also really trying to set time aside for meditation, and self reflection. I started a seperate online journal to document a different set of issues I've been having, and that's been helping too.

I've got a couple of pretty scary/negative situations weighing me down right now, but overall things are positive. Trying to make the best of some temporary unemployment. My boss is crazy sick, and it's a family restaurant so that means we close for an undetermined amount of time. So no money, and I'm really worried about my boss. I've worked at the same restaurant for 11 years, and the cooks have been the same old Greek married couple the whole time.

Had a blow-up with some ladies I did some travelling with a few weeks back. It's incredibly complicated and I don't know....well, I just don't know. Girls are silly.

I look forward to being able to view these things with perspective.


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