Colorless green ideas sleep furiously. (collide_a_scope) wrote,
Colorless green ideas sleep furiously.

viruses, virility, and the sweet sweet vacuum of space

So I finally went to see a doctor.

And I'm not dying. I don't even have anything worth taking drugs about, apparently. So I'm just a wuss. A virus, she said. Just a virus. I've had a fever for 4 days! I haven't eaten a real meal in 4 days! Just a virus. Whatever. I lost 5 pounds. Gross.

I was listening to the newest cracked podcast in the car today (something about psychedelics curing ptsd) and on one of their tangents, they started talking about how when women are fertile, they are more sexually attracted to men who come across as full of testosterone. Which makes sense, if you're looking to continue your gene pool across the ages. But it helped me understand, a little. about why when I'm ovulating I can't stand my husband. He's probably the least virile man I know. I might have more testosterone than him. Most of the time we get along pretty well, but at seemingly random intervals I just fucking hate him. And maybe it's because he's not "man enough" (at least, from my limited viewpoint). Just a thought.

Anyway, today I had a smoothie. And I just tried to eat nachos. It went okay. Heartburn isn't as bad as usual. Last night I made dinner for my girlfriend Anita (cheese naan and home made roasted cherry tomato basil soup) and I was only able to choke down a couple of bites. Took a sip of wine and had to give up on that. Tried to eat a delicious peanut butter chocolate chip muff-cake and failed at that too. If I'm going to get better I need to get some vitamins into me. Smoothie for dinner it is!

But first, all the naps. I'm gonna get reeeaaaaal high and think about stars until I pass out. At least, that's the plan.


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