Colorless green ideas sleep furiously. (collide_a_scope) wrote,
Colorless green ideas sleep furiously.

sick, sick, fucking sick

Weekend was a hilarious wash.

Nuit Blanche Saturday night so party party walk party party walk walk walk. I think I ate street chicken. Pretty sure it was delicious. And lots of booze.

Sunday I got the d&d guys to bring me mcdonalds, because fuck my body that's why. Mostly water to drink, some ginger ale. Peanut soup, and naan bread garden pizza for dinner. Went to see Book of Mormon, which was absurdly good, as always. Such a good musical. Not fair. Realized I was getting sick about halfway through, had to struggle to stay conscious during the second half. Couldn't even manage to finish an episode of Luke Cage when I got home.

Today I woke up just thoroughly gross. Snot everywhere, phlegm, hot&cold sweats, the whole 9 yards. So far I've managed to get some hot water with lemon honey and ginger into my system; as well as a piece of toast and some delicious homemade celery soup my neighbours brought over for me (I've been whining on fb all morning about being sick, I think they just wanted me to stop, haha)

Husband was a sheer delight for the remainder of the weekend. Did like 8 loads of laundry, set up the guest room for the drunks I let sleep over after party night, did all the dishes from the weekend of silliness, and was loving and compassionate when my body fell apart. What changed? I have no fucking clue. Maybe it took two days for the talk we (*I*) had to sink in? Who knows. I don't want to jinx it.


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