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nothing important, just keeping the ole lj current-ish.

So tonight at the Toad my best cousin asked if I still update this thing, and I laughed and said "of course not!". What I meant to say was "of course not until later tonight", apparently.

News! Everyone and their dog got engaged in the last two months. As a reaction to this (and because it's been a LONG time coming), I am having my dearest move into my apartment. We are going to cohabitate. It's going to be weird, but nice (I hope). Anyway, come June (or possibly May, if things go slightly differently) my living situation is going to change drastically, and hopefully for the better.

My cat is well, as is my dragon.

I am still taking french courses through Alliance Francais, I'm nearing the end of my third term. I traded in my french partner from the aforementioned cousin to my favourite rabbit-owning st. boniface resident, and it's been going well thus far. I can still barely string a sentence together on my own, but my comprehension is WAY up! My french teacher was at the bar, one table away from us this evening, and I may have made a tiny bit of a fool of myself. Only time will tell. I'd say I'll get back to you on Wednesday about that, but we both know it's going to be months before I pay any attention to this thing again.

Gin and Ginger Ale should be sold at the pharmacy as drug. Also, patience is overrated.

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