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You can be my alphabet and I will be your calculator.

So, I'm home now.

It's nice.

Bacon is awesome, and coke tastes like coke again.

I definitely committed a critical error in traveling though, because now I want to do it again. Before, when all I'd done was the North American circuit, I was content to stay in Winnipeg for the rest of my life, but that has apparently changed. I don't like people who say things like "I know I couldn't stay in this town for the rest of my life", but I am worrying that I might become one, rather soon.

In breaking news, I am falling in love with "Sia". It is music, a lady sings to you. I highly recommend her. I may ask her to marry me, if my proposal to Michelle is met with the stony silence she is world-renowned for.

Started back at Pizza Place yesterday. All the customers hated Steve, so they tipped me through the roof now that I'm back. I actively enjoyed serving too, which bodes well for other areas of my life. I was scared that my serving instinct (see: mothering instinct) had been dulled by the long absence from the habit, and that would have sucked a lot. I like liking it. I haven't gone more than three weeks without serving a table since I was 15. That's going to be a decade soon. Should that scare me? I think it's kind of neat.

This week: several double shifts, Josh Ritter AND Corb Lund concerts, ALLISON COMES HOME!, more bacon will be consumed, and I get to see all the people I missed while I was away. It's going to be nice. Breakfast with Krystle! Yay!

Been home for a couple of days, so jet lag is no longer the issue. I am officially fucked, sleep wise. I can't do it for more than four hours at a stretch. It burns!

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