Can't sleep, clowns will eat me

She thinks my tractor's sexy - who the fuck knows?

She likes me for me - Hey Leonardo

Mr. Spock - Nerf Herder

Private Helicopter- Harvey Danger

Drops of Jupiter- Train

Bad Things- Jace Everett

Striptease- Hawksley Workman

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Life is weird. I don't get it. I got home from work today and the hubs had done a shit ton of chores, showered, shaved, and had plans to get more shit done. Out of fucking nowhere. Completely different person than the guy I've been living with for the last month. I can't even. He's even washing my towels. Wtf.

Anyway, grapes and apple and orange crush for snack at work, rye&coke when I got home, then roast beef sandwich and more squash. And a beer. A cold beer that he went and picked up for me because he's being ridiculously sweet. Gah.